Simple and fun little game, the player's goal is to get the highest score. Simple operation, in the game scene, the player controls the hero in the scene, the left and right buttons control the protagonist to move left and right, when moving to the top of the bubble, the hero can fly up when the successful landing of another planet will receive a certain score reward, if the player did not successfully reach another planet.

Fun marbles game where players can eject marbles to unlock different levels.

E-Playground common air hockey! Stimulation and fun, this is a simulation version, the use of mobile phones or tablets can experience endless fun. Simple stimulation is fun. Players need push the puck into the opponent's goal. Move your fingers and push the puck into the opponent's goal and get a score. The player gets 7 points to win, because the ball will be the rebound caused by unexpected attack effect, the best way to attack when the rebound angle.

Very simple interesting of game, in work leisure time, in car Shang, or Metro Shang, or other is short of time in, open game play once, see you of results how. game of rules is you began game Shi, you has 10 drop drops, game in the of small water polo, need to 4 drop only will rupture, game of task is clear scene in the all of drops, and into Xia a shut, most have highest of scores. When you have the number drops to 0 o'clock game is over.

This is a very simple and interesting game, exercise and test your brain and memory are very helpful. many people are worried about their memory ability, may usually exercise has improved, and others thought that his memory was quite unique, so you can come in and try it now. look at your ability to remember exactly how.

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